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Vitalis Obadia Identified

Raphaël Obadia had never seen this photograph of his late father, Vitalis, and was very . . . read more »

Regine Probstein Identified

A member of the Museum staff was able to locate Regine Probstein through . . . read more »

Marcel Probstein Identified

Marcel Probstein was born in the Pletzel, the Jewish ghetto of Paris, on . . . read more »

Jacques, Lazare, Maurice, Salomon, and Suzanne Dziesietnik Identified

The members of the Dziesietnik family remember having their photographs taken at a . . . read more »

Marijan Dubno Identified

After learning that Marijan Dubno had passed away in 1989, a museum volunteer was able... read more »

Esther-Paulette Kotek Identified

Esther-Paulette Kotek was born on March 21, 1938, in Paris. Her parents were both born... read more »

Jacques Herszkowicz Identified

Jacques Herszkowicz—who now lives in Denmark and is known as Jacques Hersh—learned about his... read more »

Jacob Jacobowicz Identified

After Marla Byrnes saw her father’s photograph on the Remember Me? website, her son... read more »

Giuliana and Alberto Moscato Identified

Giuliana and Alberto Moscato along with their four siblings spent six months hiding in a... read more »

Sergio Di Castro Identified

Sergio Di Castro was born in Rome in 1935. When he was eight years old, he saw a squad of Italian fascists... read more »

Elena, Alberto, Lello, and Colomba Astrologo Identified

Colomba Astrologo was only four years old the morning her father left home after breakfast to go to work. He never... read more »

Nina Krieger Identified

Nobody in Nina Krieger's family knew about her past. Nobody suspected what she... read more »

Angelo, Massimo, and Sandro Soliani Identified

Sandro Soliani and his brother Angelo remember having their pictures taken when they were children. The brothers, faced with... read more »

Marina Del Monte Identified

As soon as Marina Del Monte’s son showed her this picture, she recognized herself. She can’t remember when the photograph was taken, but... read more »

Henri Barik Identified

Information about the late Dr. Henri Barik comes from several telephone conversations with... read more »

Victor Herzog Identified

Not long ago, Victor Herzog Googled his name and was surprised to find it on the Museum’s Remember Me? website. He contacted the Museum but was reluctant... read more »

Umberto Cardoso Identified

According to Umberto Cardoso, this picture was taken when he was 16. He does not remember the exact circumstances in which it was taken, but he believes he... read more »

Micheline Zauberman Identified

Meir and Mina Zauberman raised their family in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, where there were many Jewish families. They had five children and Meir... read more »

Fischer Kampel Identified

Laurence Kampel lost his father, Fischel, when he was only seven years old and never had the chance to ask his father about his... read more »

Bronia Najmark Identified

Bronia Wiener was born Braindla Bronka Najmark on December 10, 1932, in Warsaw, to... read more »

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