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South Florida Recap

On December 9, 2012, the Museum’s 20th Anniversary Tour arrived in Boca... read more »

Franca Limentani Identified

Franca Limentani’s picture was taken on July 15, 1946, so it could be sent to... read more »

Abraham Gerecht Identified

Abraham Gerecht’s picture on the Remember Me? site is the... read more »

Please Join Us in Boca Raton on December 9

Since launching the Remember Me? project in March 2011, we have identified over 350 of the children pictured on our site. We are continuing to find and... read more »

Arnold Racine Identified

Arnold Racine did not remember this photograph. His first comment was that he was ... read more »

Micheline and Victor Suhami Identified

Micheline Suhami remembers the photo from the Remember Me? website being taken at the end... read more »

Grazia and Giacomo Sonnino Identified

When Grazia Sonnino saw this picture, memories of the war years came to mind. She was nine years old when German troops entered the old... read more »

Armand Kapkind Identified

Armand Naudin was born in Paris in 1937. His mother was born in Warsaw. Armand never met his... read more »

Elvira and Renato Zarfati Identified

Renato Zarfati has lived in Florida since 1967. His sister Elvira moved to Florida with her family 20 years later. Seeing their photographs and talking... read more »

Sandro Menasci Identified

A friend of his daughter told Sandro Menasci that there was a picture of him as a child on the Remember Me? website. At first he couldn’t... read more »

Michał Stefaniak Identified

Michał Stefaniak passed away in May 2011. His son, Peter, found his father’s picture on our site a few... read more »

Remembering the Vel’ D’Hiv Roundup

French President François Hollande recently spoke in Paris commemorating the 70th anniversary of what is known as... read more »

Jeanne Altman Identified

In March 2011, shortly after the Remember Me? project went online, Berta Gardon, a Holocaust survivor now living in Michigan, visited the site. She was struck by... read more »

Enrica Amati Identified

Enrica Amati was born in Rome on September 18, 1935. In this picture, she is about ten years old. She has no recollection of... read more »

Cesare, Giacomo, and Mosé Di Veroli Identified

Giacomo Di Veroli remembers this photograph well. It was taken in the Franca Muggia home, which welcomed displaced and orphaned children after the war. Giacomo has good memories... read more »

Updates Posted about over 100 Survivors!

Today is a major milestone for the Remember Me? project. We have now posted updates about more than... read more »

Jean Wasersztrum Identified

Jean Wasersztrum’s father moved from Poland to France in 1926 and his mother in 1933. After they married they became... read more »

Watch Video of Webby Awards Ceremony Honoring Remember Me?

The recorded live webcast of the Webby Awards held Monday, May 21, at 5:30 p.m. Eastern time. read more »

Henri Gotainer Identified

Henri Gotainer was born on March 9, 1931, in the Hôpital Rothschild in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. His parents came from Poland and were... read more »

Frédéric Flechner Identified

Dr. Frédéric Flechner was born in France in 1938. His father was born in Poland and had immigrated to Turkey where he met Frédéric’s mother in... read more »

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