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Celine Jelen Identified

Celine Jelen, who now goes by Zvia Nizard, heard about the Remember Me? project from her sister, Rachelle Salomon, who lives in Belgium. She was totally surprised to see her photograph... read more »

Marcel Chojnacki Identified

Marcel Chojnacki first heard about the Remember Me? project from a member of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre in Canada. Despite having seen... read more »

Léon Sad Identified

Léon Sad’s cousin, Celine Jelen, one of the Remember Me? project’s children, told Léon and his wife about the project. He was so excited to see his picture on the Museum’s Web site that... read more »

Suzanne Keller Identified

Suzanne Keller read about the Remember Me? project in the newsletter of Aloumim, the organization of French Jewish children who were hidden during the war. Because she had lost all hope of finding information about... read more »

Bernard Ickowicz Identified

Until a staff member from the Museum’s Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center called Bernard Icore, he had not seen... read more »

Israel Chojnacki Identified

Israel Chojnacki remembers this photograph very well. In fact, he even remembers it being taken in... read more »

Jakob Hecht Identified

Jacob Hecht’s daughter, Nina, found her father and her uncle, Martin Hecht, among the “Remember Me?” photographs. She was very excited and told them about the site. While her uncle was interested... read more »

Romain Luksberg Identified

Romain Luksberg’s daughter-in-law found his picture on the Remember Me? Website. Romain could not believe that this picture still existed and surmised that it must have been taken just... read more »

Adolphe Zdroui Identified

Adolphe Zdroui, who now goes by André, thinks this photograph was taken in 1947 when... read more »

Joseph Ambrus Identified

Until recently, Joseph Ambrus believed no photographs of him as a child had survived the war. That was until a printing customer of his wanted to recommend him to a client and conducted a Google search... read more »

Sarah Modern Identified

Sarah Modern Irom was flooded with memories of her past after seeing her photograph. “Life was not... read more »

Albert Reingewirtz Identified

Albert Reingewirtz came across this photo some time ago when doing an Internet search for his name. The photo was taken after World War II at an orphanage run by the Oeuvre de Protection des Enfants Juifs (OPEJ)... read more »

Léon Kopel Identified

Léon Kopel was born on February 9, 1941, in Valenciennes, France. He does not remember when this photograph was taken but... read more »

Mosche Birnbaum Identified

Moshe Birnbaum was born in Fulda, Germany, in 1928 to Abraham and Frieda Birnbaum. Abraham was killed at Buchenwald in 1941. Moshe was deported to Riga on December 9, 1941, with... read more »

Tamara Buchman Identified

Tamara Buchman was born to Pola and Israel Buchman in 1930 in Warsaw. The family was in the Warsaw ghetto together until 1942, when... read more »

Jacqueline Ramstein Identified

Jacqueline Ramstein was very surprised to see her photograph on our Web site and was very moved when reading about the Remember Me? project. She thought the project was terrific and wanted to... read more »

Samuel Ramstein Identified

Samuel Ramstein learned about his picture on the Internet from a friend of his sister. He thinks that his mother sent the photograph, taken right after the war, to... read more »

Lipot Farkosz Identified

For a period after the war, Zoltan Farkas used the Yiddish name Lipot as a means of asserting his Jewish identity. Zoltan vaguely remembers when this picture was taken and has seen it before. He told... read more »

Esther Silberberg Identified

Esther Silberberg was born on June 26, 1930, in Antwerp, Belgium. Her parents emigrated from Poland to Belgium between 1920 and 1922. Esther had... read more »

Martin Hecht Identified

While preparing for their May 2011 trip to visit family in New York, Martin Hecht and his wife, Aida, who live in Israel, decided that this would be the year that they would take a side trip... read more »

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