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Odette Emram was born in Marseille on September 22, 1936. She had four brothers: Martin Albert, the eldest, born in 1924; Sabim, called “Sauveur,” born in 1925; Benjamin in 1929; and Jacques in 1934. Their father, Isaac Emram, was born in 1892 in Salonica, Greece, and their mother, Rebecca Levy, in Constantinople in 1902. Odette was ten years old in this photo. Jacques was 12 and Benjamin was 17. Odette remembers that the photo was taken in Marseille, and she has a copy of it at home. She once saw it in an exhibition in Marseille of World War II artifacts. Read more about Jacques Emram.

This child was one of millions whose lives were disrupted as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. If you have any information about this person, please click the “I remember this child!” button below and share with us what you know.

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