Updates Posted about over 100 Survivors!

Today is a major milestone for the Remember Me? project. We have now posted updates about more than 100 of the Remember Me? children! Jean Wasersztrum, whose profile we are posting today, is the 101st survivor to be the subject of an update on the Remember Me? site.

Alex Shilo, himself a child survivor who volunteers at the Museum, conducted this interview.  Alex and Jean have something else in common as well: Alex spent six years as a student in the Paris neighborhood where Jean’s office is now located and can almost picture the building.

We are grateful to all of the survivors and family members who have agreed to share with us their memories of their lives before, during, and after the Holocaust. 

The more than 330 survivors pictured on our site who have been identified so far live in 12 different countries: the United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland.  Our team of twelve researchers conducts interviews in five languages (so far) and is continuing to speak withthe survivors and their family members and to write updates for the site.

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