World Memory Project helps survivors and their families fill in missing chapters

Many people who have helped us identify the children on the Remember Me? site have asked what else they can do to assist Holocaust survivors and their families. The World Memory Project, a partnership between the Museum and, offers another way to help.

Millions of documents containing details on individual victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution still exist today. Through the World Memory Project, anyone anywhere can help make these victims’ records searchable online for free. Contributors simply enter information from Museum records, one historical fact at a time, into an online database. Even a few minutes of your time can help families discover what happened to their loved ones and restore the identities of people the Nazis tried to erase from history.

So far, more than 2,200 contributors from around the world have indexed nearly 800,000 records. But many more records have yet to be made searchable, and time is running out for survivors and their families to find the answers they have been seeking.

To learn more or to get started with the project, visit

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