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Ami (Emanuel) Levinsky-Kaufman found out about the Remember Me? project through a CBS News story he saw on TV. He then discovered what he thought was his picture on the Remember Me? site under the name “Aimre Levisky.” As a child he was nicknamed Aime, so he thought that his name had been misspelled. At first Ami didn’t know what to make of finding the photo, but then he started digging in his files of old photographs taken in Israel after the war. He compared those photos with the Remember Me? picture and was certain the photo was of him. He was pleasantly surprised because this was the first photograph he had seen of himself in France. Ami has very few memories of his childhood, but he was able to share with us what he learned thanks to research that Catherine Thion at the Centre d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Camps d’Internement du Loiret (CERCIL) had conducted for him a few years ago. Read more about Aime Levinsky.

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4 years

This child was one of millions whose lives were disrupted as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. If you have any information about this person, please click the “I remember this child!” button below and share with us what you know.

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