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When he saw the photograph of himself as a young boy, Daniel Miszputen was surprised and overcome with emotion. The only photo he knew was one of his sister Josiane. The Remember Me? site features photos of five of six Miszputen children: twin sisters Marinette and Liliane (born on August 30, 1936, at the Hôpital Saint-Antoine in the 12th arrondissement of Paris), Daniel (born on April 19, 1939), Josiane (born on May 1, 1942), and Jacqueline (born on October 8, 1932, in the 10th arrondissement). An older brother, Mojzesc (later called Maurice), was born on November 2, 1928, in Warsaw, Poland. Read more about Liliane Miszputen.

This child was one of millions whose lives were disrupted as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. If you have any information about this person, please click the “I remember this child!” button below and share with us what you know.

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